Rome to Ciampino Airport

Where to go?

Rome - Ciampino airport

Rome city to Ciampino airport

Rome city to Ciampino airport
Rome city to Ciampino airport

How long will it take to get to the Ciampino airport?
It will take about 20 minutes to reach the Ciampino airport.

Is there a shared Shuttle service? 
No, there is only a Private service for the Rome to Ciampino airport route.

At what times can I book my Private service? 
You can book the transfer from Rome city to Ciampino airport any time you want.

Where will I meet the Habi driver? 
The Habi driver will come to the address you provided during the booking process.

For emergencies, who can I contact? 
You can contact the emergency number 0039 3917027364 (SMS or WhatsApp and Viber).
However, you will receive a call from the transfer manager on the day after booking to confirm the time you booked.

Bruno suggests that you don't miss this detail about Ciampino 
Leaving Rome in the direction of the Ciampino airport you can make a small stop to admire the ancient Appia street.
Along this street, you can still see the remains of: the famous aqueduct and the ancient villas of the Roman senators.

Rome to Ciampino Airport transfer with Habi