Hourly disposal Service

Where to go?


Habi offers, among its services, also the possibility to book a Chauffeur-drive service available for all the time you want. 

If you're heading to an appointment, book as well the Chauffeur-drive service time. He will wait for you until the end of your commitment, so you can use the car to return to point of departure or to the next appointment. 

Bruno recommended this service to groups who want to go shopping to the shopping malls (Castel Romano - Val Montone - The Mole Florence). You will have your own driver and you will be able to leave your purchases safely in the Van and not have to worry about traffic or parking to enjoy peacefully your day. 

Habi performs this service for anyone who has the need, for business, tourism, shopping, birthday parties, weddings, events or more.
You can book this service by calling our number 0039 391 702 7364 (by text, WhatsApp or Viber), or by sending us an email to info@romehabicabs.com 

The cars of Bruno: 

BERLINA (Mercedes or BMW), accommodates up to a max of 3 passengers 
fixed Fee equal to € 35.00 per hour Minimum 3 hours to be booked, after 7:00 pm the fare becomes € 50,00 

MINIVAN (Mercedes or Vivaro), Ideal for groups, families or friends, it accommodates up to 8 passengers
 fixed fee equal to € 45.00 per hour Minimum of 3 hours to be booked, after 7:00 pm the fare becomes  € 60,00 

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