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Take care of yourself and stay safe

With the spread of COVID-19, HABI has also organized itself in order to guarantee an effective and safe service in all its aspects.

With the spread of COVID-19, HABI has also organized itself in order to guarantee an effective and safe service in all its aspects.

Habi suspended the transportation business for about a month. We have created customer safety installations on all our vehicles.

At each service, the vehicle is completely sanitized in order to guarantee safety at all times and the driver carries out his work di lui protected by a mask and protective gloves, for mutual protection.
In addition, all HABI personnel are strictly controlled by the company.

All our drivers wear masherina and gloves for the duration of the transfer. Every day our vehicles are subjected to an air sanitization system using a thermal fog device.

Your safety and safety of our drivers is what matters to us. We are monitoring the coronavirus situation daily and act according to it. Our drivers are well-informed about the WHO (World Health Organization) protective measures against the coronavirus and we wish to assure you that all our necessary actions are for the sake of public health.

  • each transfer is preceded by special sanitization with the aid of spray products (MA-FRA H1054);
  • each vehicle of the cooperative upon returning to the garage is sanitized by means of a thermal fog device with the aid of VIRBUSTER-DRY FOG decontaminant for atmospheric use;
  • each driver performs routine vehicle cleaning on a weekly basis;
  • once a month each driver sanitizes the vehicle using the nebulized DEOTEX SANY product with the aid of the car's ventilation system;

As we have already stated, we continue to operate daily and accept your bookings. There is no difference in the booking process but before making a booking, please make sure your plan complies with the travel restrictions. Our actions and daily operations comply with rules set by a certain country.

And the most important thing is, we ask you not to book a transfer if you have tested positive for COVID-19 or suspect to be. Please, be responsible and protect yourself & others.

In this challenging time with quarantines and travel restrictions, we are well aware of how your travel plans may change easily. You may change or cancel your transfer up to 24 hours before the scheduled start. If you need to change or cancel your transfer last minute due to the Coronavirus situation, please contact our Customer Service and they will review your request.

We haven't answered all your questions? Please contact our Customer Service via e-mail: or phone: 0039.3917027364

Take care of yourself and stay safe.


All SHARED services are suspended