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With the spread of COVID-19, HABI has also organized itself in order to guarantee an effective and safe service in all its aspects.

Habi suspended the transportation business for about a month. We have created customer safety installations on all our vehicles.

At each service, the vehicle is completely sanitized in order to guarantee safety at all times and the driver carries out his work protected by a mask and protective gloves, for mutual protection.
In addition, all HABI personnel are strictly controlled by the company.

If you need even to go shopping and your commissions, HABI with its timed rental service can assist you with all your needs, accompanying you at your every stop and helping you with your luggage, with us you can optimize and carry out your movements in a safe and sanitized environment.

All our drivers wear masherina and gloves for the duration of the transfer. Every day our vehicles are subjected to an air sanitizing system through ozone.
Ozone sanitizes, oxygenates and regenerates the air we breathe, making viruses inactive.
The system is recognized by the Ministry of Health with prot. n. 24482




All SHARED services are suspended until July 15, 2020
After July 15th, we will only insert shared services with a maximum of 5 passengers for each 8-person van