What you need to know about Rome port transfers

What you need to know about Rome port transfers

All the information on Rome port transfers for your holiday or business travel

Italian holiday and business travel can be an exciting experience, but it does require a bit of advance planning. Particularly if you have Rome port transfers as part of your itinerary, you'll need to decide ahead of time how you want to get from one place to the next. The most important decision you'll make is the company you choose to handle your transfer. Here is some information that can help you better understand the pros and cons of the various options available

Pitfalls to avoid in Rome port transfers

There are several potential pitfalls you'll want to make sure you avoid when you're planning out your Rome port transfers. First of all, you need to ensure that your transfer times coordinate with the rest of your itinerary. This can be particularly difficult if you are trying to organize your transfers with public transportation.

Trains and buses in Italy are often involved in transport strikes, both local and national. These strikes can come up unexpectedly, and if you are relying on these options for your holiday or business Rome port transfers, you may end up missing your connection. A better option when you need to be sure you'll get to the port on time is that of a private or shared shuttle.

Benefits of a shuttle for Rome port transfers

Choosing a shuttle service is a better option than public transportation when it comes to Rome port transfers. A private or shared shuttle ensures service, even if a transport strike is underway. In addition, there are no reduced travel schedules on holidays or weekends, because shuttle services run continually. You can also book your transfer well ahead of your departure date, so you are ensured a seat on private or shared Rome port transfers, based on your preference.

Choosing between a private or shared shuttle

Business travelers often prefer to book a private shuttle, because they can choose to have the driver pick them up directly at the airport at the exact time they need. A private transfer isn't shared with any other passengers, so it allows for making discreet business calls or getting work done during the trip.

Shared Rome port transfers are great options for holiday travel, especially with families or groups. Habi Cabs offers shared shuttles in eight-seater minivans, so you can book for your entire traveling party in advance and head to the port all together.

There are set schedules for Rome port transfers on shared shuttles, but Habi Cabs offers a variety of departure times to fit your schedule. For shared shuttle from Rome Fiumicino to Civitavecchia, for example, you can choose from six different departure times between 7 a.m. and 12 p.m., spaced one hour apart.

A private or shared shuttle is the best option for Rome port transfers. Choose Habi Cabs for a convenient, efficient and pleasant journey on your next holiday or business trip to the Eternal City.