What to pack in the suitcase for 4 days in Rome

What to pack in the suitcase for 4 days in Rome

What to pack in the suitcase? How many times have you been asked, and as many times you have answered "I have no sense of this whatsoever".

If you came to visit Rome, what would you pack in your suitcase?

If you come to Rome in a rainy season, I advise you to equip yourself because after a downpour there is high water because of the obstructed manholes. Also pay attention to the combination of sneakers, cobblestones, rain, as you risk an epic fail and I would be sorry that Rome should remain in your memories only for a persistent pain in the buttocks that has accompanied you throughout the holiday. So you are advised to wear trekking shoes, which are also very useful for visiting the surroundings of Rome if you have time and desire.

Having that said ley’s pass to the clothes issue. If you are used to a mild climate you have to cover yourself because the humidity will make you feel cold but at the same time make sure you can lighten up if you feel warm. Then put several layers of clothing, cover with a quilt and always wear an extra sweater in your backpack.

It is better to first draft a check list as you put things in your suitcase, and these are some of the things to put in your baggage:

- comfortable shoes for walking for a long time without having a terrible pain in the feet;

- clothes that save space ideal to adapt to the climate and the temperature that is in Rome for the established period, after checking the weather on the Internet;

- a small umbrella that you can always carry around and a raincoat, if you suddenly come across a bad downpour;

-powerbank, or the portable charger for your smartphone;

If instead you have chosen Rome as a destination for your summer holidays it is good to pack sunglasses and above all a hat and a fan.