What to see in Naples: wonderful city

The things to do and avoid if you find yourself in Naples

Naples is a wonderful city which host many attractions: forts and castles in the middle of the sea, palaces, museums, churches, monuments, caves. The city is an unforgettable must-see. 

Recommending you only 5 things to see in Naples was not easy. We preferred to indicate some of the symbolic places, unique, and significant part of the history of this magnificent city. We have prepared for you small tips on what to avoid if your goal is Naples.

What to see?

1. Pio Monte della Misericordia

Founded in 1600, the church has an octagonal plan with six chapels, in addition to the high altar. There is preserved the painting “The seven works of mercy” by Caravaggio, that by itself is worth a visit. On the lateral altars, and other paintings by Santafede, Vaccaro, Luca Giordano, and others. Another important gallery is on the first floor of the monumental complex. It is an important stop for a visit to the magnificent and unique the historical Centre of Naples, included by Unesco among the sites declared “heritage of Humanity”.

2. The cemetery of the fontanelle

The site of the cemetery has preserved at least four centuries the remains of those who could not afford a burial and the victims of the epidemics that often struck Naples. One of the most charming places of Naples. In this ossuary, which collects more than 40,000 remains, you can understand the relationship that neapolitans have with religion, death, the deceased, the fate, lottery, fortune. A visit to the Fontanelle Cemetery tells the story of Naples and the neapolitans, and helps to understand the spirit of this people, much more than many words.

3. The Cappella Sansevero

Real international art gem, the Chapel is one of the most remarkable monuments existing in the city, a real mausoleum and strongly desired by its brilliant creator: Raimondo di Sangro, seventh prince of Sansevero. At the centre of the Chapel is the veiled Christ which is one of the most famous and evocative in the world. 

In the basement are preserved the famous anatomical Machines, the skeletons of a man and a woman, standing, with the arterio-venous system intact. The Machines were made by the doctor Giuseppe Salerno, commissioned by the Prince of Sangrodopo over two and a half centuries ago, are perfectly preserved. 

4. The excavations of San Lorenzo Maggiore

The present beautiful gothic church was built in 1200 and was the site where the early christian Basilica of the VI century rose. Descending to about 15 metres, you can admire the remains of the ancient market, the roman “macellum”. You can see the stratifications of the city from the greeks in the VII century BC, to the roman I century AD to conclude with the middle ages (VII century AD (the remains of the Palace of Justice). A true journey back in time to the discovery of a Buried Neapolis.

5. Castel Nuovo (Maschio Angioino)

Built at the end of the 1200's in the reign of Charles I of Anjou it was immediately both as a royal residence and a fortress. The Castle also became a centre of culture and where Giotto, Petrarch and Boccaccio stayed. With the Aragonese, was reinforced with Towers (Middle and Guard), and with great Arch of Triumph. 

Today hosts various cultural activities and is home to the Civic Museum. A curiosity: it is a popular destination for civil weddings and with the beautiful rooms and breathtaking views.

Pay attention to these 5 things:

1. The first thing you should not do when visiting Naples: avoid kitchens of other nationalities. You are the guests of the homeland of food, so why not take advantage of it? Take a ride in the historic center of the city and surely you will find the pizzeria or trattoria that's right for you!

2. If you are in a hurry to get to some place, for example the station or the airport, you leave for time! Naples is one of the busiest cities in Italy, so you need to adjust accordingly to avoid problems. Better to arrive at your destination well in advance of risking  a colossal delay.

3. Do not pay any attention to street vendors: they will try to sell you objects of the most different types at throw-away prices. Have you wondered why they cost so little? Most likely they are fake or false objects.

4. On the street or in the squares do not stop near the clusters of people playing the three cards, everything is rigged and you will lose for sure!

5. Do not criticizes Naples and do not make any remarks aloud about the poor cleaning of the Neapolitan roads because the Neapolitans are easy to anger and you’d better not argue with them at all.