The pros and cons of taking a shuttle bus from Fiumicino

The pros and cons of taking a shuttle bus from Fiumicino

Decide whether a shuttle bus from Fiumicino is your best transfer option

If you have a holiday or business trip planned to Rome, you will likely arrive into the city at the main airport, Leonardo da Vinci, also known as Fiumicino. The first logistical hurdle you need to tackle is to decide how to get from the airport to the city centre. Is taking a shuttle bus from Fiumicino your best option? Read on to evaluate the pros and cons of this transfer type, as well as other types.

Pros of taking a shuttle bus

Many people do choose to take a shuttle bus from Fiumicino to the Rome city centre. The majority of these travelers are looking for a low-budget option and are not particularly concerned about comfort or convenience.

The main selling point for taking a shuttle bus is the low cost. However, many travelers are surprised to learn that other options are not as expensive as they may have thought. There are various other transport choices that can provide you with a much higher level of comfort and convenience without adding too much to the overall cost.

Cons of taking a shuttle bus

Taking a shuttle bus from Fiumicino means you have a long wait after you arrive, because the buses only depart on a set schedule. In addition, you have to share the bus with many other passengers. The bus has one arrival point, so you will also have to arrange yet another transport method in order to get to your final destination.

A better transfer option to Rome

Rather than taking a shuttle bus from Fiumicino, you should opt for a shared transfer or a private transfer with Habi Cabs. Without spending all that much more, you can get a faster transfer than a shuttle in comfort and privacy. Plus, you can book online in advance so you don't have to hassle with buying tickets upon arrival.

If you book a private transfer, your driver will be waiting for you at the arrivals gate and will take you immediately into the city centre. The speed and convenience mean you can start your holiday or business trip without stress.