The Banda degli Onesti

The Banda degli Onesti

All the film was shot outdoors - except for very few interiors reconstructed in the studio - in the neighborhoods that represent the real heart of the city of Rome, starting from the condominium where Totò works as a porter located exactly in Viale delle Milizie 76, a street in the Prati district a few hundred meters from the Lepanto subway station and from whose terrace the dome of the Basilica of Saint Peter in the Vatican is easily identifiable.

A subway station is really present in the film and is that of Cavour, in Rione Monti, the place where Totò decides to speak secretly with Peppino of the affair he has in mind, also saying that the station is the ideal place to talk because "There's never anyone!" (The subway station had been inaugurated a year before the film, in 1955). Even the scenes immediately antecedent to those of the Cavour metro station are set in Rione Monti: Lo Turco's typography is located in Piazza degli Zingari while the bar where Bonocore explains to Lo Turco the metaphor of coffee without sugar, is located in Piazza della Suburra.

The tobacconist where honest counterfeiters try to pass off the alleged false banknote in via di Monte Savello, a few steps from the Marcello Theatre and the Lungotevere de 'Cenci. 

Among the other locations of The Band of Honest Men that take place in the city of Rome you may find the finance guard where the son of Bonocore works. The scenes were shot in the real headquarters of the Guardia di Finanza General Command, located in Viale XXI Aprile, a few meters from the Piazza Bologna metro station, in the Nomentano district. The bridge over the Tiber where Bonocore/Totò tries to dispose of the cliché at the beginning of the film is the Bridge of Industry, where it is easily recognizable the Gazometer of Ostiense.Insomma, 

The Band of Honest Men is a film that runs through Rome's stages still the same as they are today, giving testimony to how once the city was the ideal place for the setting and movie sets of the films of the golden years.