Shopping in Rome

Shopping in Rome

From via Condotti to via del Corso, from via Cola di Rienzo to the Monti area: here is a guide to go shopping in Rome where you may find the 10 city's most popular shopping streets.

Rome is not only the heart of culture and architecture in Italy, but it also dominates the fashion world. There are numerous shopping and famous streets where you can find large international brands shops and ones that are cheaper to be always in step with the times. Whether it is the historic centre of the more peripheral areas, you’d be spoilt for choice. We have chosen for you 10 shopping streets of Rome, creating an ultimate guide and where you can make your favorites purchases.

The streets of Tridente: via Condotti, via Borgognona and via Frattina
Part of the famous Trident, the nearby via Condotti, via Borgognona and via Frattina. These begin near the very central piazza di Spagna and are known as the most expensive street of the eternal City. Bulgari, Armani, Hermes, Tiffany and Versace are just some of the major brands that have chosen this location to develop their own shops. There are also many jewelers who focus in this area. In general, tourists mainly shop here, while authentic Romans prefer to go shopping in less crowded and chaotic places.

Via del Corso
More than a mile of shops in the centre of Rome and for every budget: this is via del Corso, one of the most famous shopping streets of the Capital. It’s very easy to reach with public transport, a little less by car because of the difficulty of finding a parking space, it extends from piazza Venezia to piazza del Popolo. In the center is the Galleria Alberto Sordi (formerly Galleria Colonna). There are both great brands and shops with more affordable prices. In the sales period and on the weekend, especially on Sunday, it is full of curious tourists and Romans in search of new purchases.

Via del Campo Marzio
Always among the streets of the historic centre, you can take a stroll among the boutiques of via del Campo Marzio, parallel to via del Corso. This area, from the time of the emperor Augustus, is the heart of the city. Today is full of chic shops, and also quite expensive, but is known by fans, especially for the sale of antiques and household. In addition to shopping, you can enjoy a beautiful panorama of sumptuous palaces such as the Palazzo Borghese, and the Palazzo Farnese. Stop to take a break from shopping in the characteristic square piazzetta Sant' Eustachio. Here, also, you can head to other neighbouring streets full of clothing shops and jewelry, such as via Margutta, via del Babuino and via di Ripetta.

Way of the Pilgrim
Way of the Pilgrim he was called before the "street of the goldsmiths", to emphasize the great amount of jewelry shops that are located in this area. The current name is due to the nearby Tavern of the Pilgrim who welcomes the believers in a visit to the Basilica of St. Peter. The ancient craft shops of the surroundings have been almost everywhere replaced by the most modern shops, which have nevertheless kept the popular and raw style. It is not difficult to find business premises that sell hand-made items, picture frames, lamps and small furniture, as well as those of footwear, bags and clothes of today’s most renowned Roman designers.

Guglielmo Marconi Avenue
The long avenue Guglielmo Marconi, one of the main streets of the Portuense area, close to the station Trastevere, offers a wide choice of business, especially for those who live to the South of the Capital. If you do not want to give up the big brands but want to avoid the chaos of the city centre, this is the place for you. Most of the shopping is between piazza della Radio and the Marconi bridge. There are bookstores, shops electrical appliances, and sports, in addition to youth clothing available to everyone.

Via Tuscolana
Via Tuscolana is probably the low-cost shopping street of Rome. If you want to save money, without sacrificing style, enjoying a ride in this area it’s a must, it is easily reachable with the line A of the subway. There are hundreds of shops, trendy but affordable, major international chains and in the end, a large shopping mall called "Cinecittà 2".