Planning your Rome to Florence day trip

Planning your Rome to Florence day trip

A Rome to Florence day trip is a common feature on many itineraries

One of the most common day-trip destinations for travelers to Rome is the timeless Renaissance city of Florence. A Rome to Florence day trip is often one of the highlights of an Italy trip. Some tourists are intimidated by planning such a day trip, but there's no reason to worry about the details. If you plan step by step, soon you'll have your special journey all squared away.

Tackle important details first

One of the best ways to start planning for your Rome to Florence day trip is to build out the basics of your itinerary by looking at the most important details first. For example, one of your initial decisions is likely to be that of transport. How will you get from the Eternal City to Florence? There are a variety of options to choose from.  

Consider that you could take public transport, such as a train. However, one of the big risks of depending on trains in Italy is that a transport strike can happen at any time. You wouldn't want to have your Rome to Florence day trip ruined by an unexpected cancellation. A better option is an organized trip through an experienced and professional transport service such as Rome Habi Cabs.

The private driver difference

If you book a trip from Rome to Florence with a private driver, you will ensure an experience that is both comfortable and hassle-free. Your driver will quickly and safely take you to Florence without any risk of transport strikes, delays, or stress due to other passengers.

Look into the private driver option as you plan out your Rome to Florence day trip. You will likely be surprised to learn how affordable this option can be, especially when you compare the investment in your comfort and enjoyment on your Italian holiday. Small details can make a big and lasting difference for a wonderful and memorable trip.