How to choose the best Rome airport shuttle service

How to choose the best Rome airport shuttle service

Rome airport shuttle service: some tips for choosing the right one

When you arrive for your holiday in Rome, you are likely going to be rather tired from your flight. The first step in creating a memorable and enjoyable holiday is to take all the details into consideration, including what happens once you arrive in the airport and how to get where you need to go next. Choosing the right Rome airport shuttle service can make all the difference in getting your trip off to the perfect start.

What to look for in a Rome airport shuttle service

When you are choosing a shuttle service to take you from the Rome airport to where you need to go next, the first thing to look for is whether or not the service offers shuttles to the specific location you need. For example, if you have to get from the Rome airport to the Civitavecchia port, make sure your particular shuttle service offers that route and check the shuttle departure schedule. Habi Cabs offers convenient transfers from the Rome airport to destinations within the city as well as to Civitavecchia port for departing cruises. A comprehensive Rome airport shuttle service offers you the destination you need.

What to expect from your airport transfer

Not all shuttle services are created alike, and the best Rome airport shuttle service will give you a choice between a shared shuttle or a private transfer. Shared shuttles are efficient because they depart at pre-set times with small groups aboard, so you can share the overall cost with the other passengers and thus save on your holiday budget. A private transfer can be a great choice when you value privacy and convenience, because you get to choose the time your driver meets you and you travel without having to share your vehicle with others. Habi Cabs offers both shared shuttle transfers and private transfers, allowing you to select the one that works best for your needs.

What to do when you are ready to book

Once you have decided the type of Rome airport shuttle service you would like, simply book in advance of your trip so that your transfer is ready to go when you touch down in the Eternal City. Habi Cabs offers a simple online reservation form that allows you to book anytime, 24 hours a day.