Airport Rome transfer: the best solutions

Airport Rome transfer: the best solutions

Why airport to Rome transfer makes a difference in your Rome holiday

Seasoned travelers know that one of the secrets to a hassle-free and enjoyable holiday is meticulous advance planning. This means getting all the small details of your itinerary covered before you leave for your vacation. Ground transportation once you arrive in Rome is one of those details. Booking airport to Rome transfer in advance will save you a lot of stress at the start of your vacation.

Types of airport to Rome transfer options

There are several different options for getting from Rome’s airports into the heart of the Eternal City. The airports are located outside the city center, so you will need to decide the type of transfer that best suits your needs. Private and shared shuttles for your airport to Rome transfer may be the best option, especially after a long journey.

The crowded and often-malfunctioning public transport in Rome is legendary, and if you choose this option you also have to navigate the ticket purchasing system while you are weighed down with your luggage. This is another reason why booking a shared or private shuttle makes sense in terms of minimizing stress once you arrive.

Schedules of the different options

The schedule options for your airport to Rome transfer can also make a big difference in the convenience of your transport. If your flight arrives at an unusual time, you may be left with few options beyond a taxi, which can be quite costly. If you don’t speak Italian, it can also be stressful to try to understand how the pricing of a taxi works and whether or not you are getting ripped off.

A private or shared shuttle booked in advance with a local company such as Rome Habi Cabs ensures you get the right price and are treated fairly and honestly. When you already know who is providing your transport you can rest assured that you’ll have a comfortable and safe ride.

Advance planning makes a difference

Planning your airport to Rome transfer may seem like such a small detail that you can just deal with it once you get to Rome. However, booking in advance only takes a few moments online at the Habi Cabs website. In a few clicks you can have peace of mind that your transfer is covered and get your trip off to a great start.