3 things to know about choosing a Rome shuttle service

3 things to know about choosing a Rome shuttle service

Picking the best Rome shuttle service is easy when you follow these tips

Your trip to Rome is sure to be filled with exciting adventures and amazing sights. With so much to look forward to, choosing a Rome shuttle service may seem like a small detail that doesn’t deserve much attention. However, if you devote a bit of time to picking the best service, you can save time and money as well as reduce stress and hassle during your holiday.

1. Decide what type of shuttle service you prefer

There are two main types of Rome shuttle service you can choose from when you are deciding how to transfer from the Rome airport to the city center, or vice versa. A popular option for budget-conscious travelers is the shared, or group shuttle. Habi Cabs offers shared shuttles in eight-seater minivans for maximum comfort and convenience. Private shuttles are another option, providing additional privacy and the ability to choose any departure time you wish. Your private driver will meet you at your arrival gate at the airport.

2. Book online in advance

One of the great advantages of taking a Rome shuttle service for your transfer from the airport is that you can book online and in advance, saving you time and hassle at your arrival. Make sure when you are deciding which company to pick for your transfer that you find one such as Habi Cabs that allows you this option. It will make for one less thing to think about during your travel.

3. Check reviews and customer feedback

Online reviews and feedback are great resources for choosing the best company for your Rome shuttle service. Trip Advisor and the company’s Facebook page are two good places to start. Make sure you look at a variety of reviews so you can get a good overall feel for the company and customer satisfaction. Consider parameters such as customer service, timeliness, comfort, vehicle condition, and convenience.

If you invest in a Rome shuttle service, make sure you book the one that will offer you the best possible experience, by following the tips outlined here.