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Through Habi Bruno, organizes from Rome or Fiumicino Airport to Florence a one-day trip, discovering the many must-see attractions of the Tuscan city.

Florence, in addition to being the chief town of the Tuscany region, is also one of the richest cities in history in Italy.
City where the artistic movement called Renaissance took place, Florence is considered the world cradle of art and architecture.

Just think that many great artists were born in this city, among the painters we remember: Michelangelo, Raffaello, Leonardo da Vinci, Giotto, Botticelli, Masaccio and Piero della Francesca. Among the architects Vasari, Bramante, Brunelleschi and Alberti, among the sculptors Donatello and finally among the writers Dante, Poliziano, Boccaccio and Macchiavelli. 

The 3 hours trip,  also includes the possibility of make stops along the way, in typical towns such as Orvieto or Montepulciano to taste their typical cuisine, or to a farm to taste oil and wine product.

The first stop in Florence will be in Piazzale Michelangelo where you can admire a spectacular view of the city for all its extension and its monuments.

The next stop will be at one of the world's major museums, the Uffizi Museum where you can admire the many works of art, housed in over 45 rooms of the gallery. If you want to avoid the queue at the museum entrance (almost 2 hours!) book your ticket in advance via Habi, you will save time and the driver organizes the transfer to arrive in time.

For those who are not interested to visit the Uffizi, Habi can leave them in downtown to reach easily  by walking Ponte Vecchio.

Ponte Vecchio, symbol of the city of Florence, is one of the most famous bridges in the world. Here, you will have the opportunity to enjoy through the streets of downtown for about 2/3 hours and to admire Brunelleschi's Dome, the Cathedral,  the Baptistery, San Lorenzo Market and much more.

The last stop will be in a typical restaurant in Florence where you can taste famous dishes such as Fiorentina steak or pasta with tomato sauce. After lunch, the driver will recommend a few more shortstops before return back to Rome.

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